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Arts and Community

Sharing the Experience of Art

We hold a number events throughout the Orange County area and in the communities beyond to provide fun, creative activities for the marginalized children and adults of all ages and backgrounds who might not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in unique kind of creative experiences we provide.

We use art to promote community through the social interaction that comes from the shared creative experience. We encourage the involvement of both young and old and all in-between.

We also would like to encourage the participation of other Artists and Musicians who would like to share their skills and themselves.

Please feel free to join us for our events.

Artober Alley

As a part of the Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade this year we are setting up the Artober Alley, which will be an area dedicated towards creative activities which will be provided to the community at large free of charge. Each area will feature a unique arts/craft presentation and activity run by one of our artists with the help and support of one of our participating community groups.

We are still seeking a few artists as well as non profits and other groups or individuals who would like to take part in this creative endeavor. We would like to pair each artist with a non profit or group.

Contact me if you would like to join us in bringing free art to the community.
(949) 701-7621

Andy Anaheim