Arts and Community

Arts and Community


Sharing the Experience of Art

We hold a number events throughout the Orange County area and in the communities beyond to provide fun, creative activities for the marginalized children and adults of all ages and backgrounds who might not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in unique kind of creative experiences we provide.

We use art to promote community through the social interaction that comes from the shared creative experience. We encourage the involvement of both young and old and all in-between.

We also would like to encourage the participation of other Artists and Musicians who would like to share their skills and themselves.

Please feel free to join us for our events.

Join us at :

Make Music Day

Anaheim Make Music Day

held at Anaheim Packing District

Tuesday, June 21st. 3:00 pm

440 South Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92805

Also see our Art on the Fence celebrating our flag.

Free Drawing Classes

Online Zoom Class with Mr Knight

We have decided to continue the free online drawing classes. We are offering classes for our GOALS kids and other of the groups we deal with and invite those who have the desire to join us. Classes are basic and open to all ages. We will be adding more classes at diffrent times and of different natures to accommodate Seniors and the developmentally disabled.

Our current Classes are on Mondays at 2:00 pm and on Thursdays at 2:00 pm and at 4:00 pm .

Classes are 30 to 45 minutes long

All you need is a pencil, Paper and an eraser and a paper towel

We are keeping the drawing classes free and open to any that want to participate. We will continue to work with our GOALS kids and the developmentally disable and invite those that have a desire to join us.

Monday 2:00pm Drawing Class

Class starts promptly at 2:00PM
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Meeting ID: 757 6227 5531
On Monday, June 20th we will be drawing lines.
on Monday, June 27th we will be drawing a Shovel
On Monday, July 4th no Class.
On Monday, July 8th we will be drawing a Daisy.

Thursday 2:00pm Drawing Class

Class starts promptly at 2:00PM
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Meeting ID: 533 313 107
On Thursday, June 16th we will be drawing a sand bucket
On Thursday, June 23th we will be drawing Beach Ball.
On Thursday, June 2nd we will be drawing a wave.

Guidelines for the ZOOM Class

These classes are meant to help you learn and understand the basic concepts of drawing. I repeat them as you will not always understand or learn things on the first go around. As with anything else it gets easier the more you do it. First and foremost they are also supposed to be fun.

These classes are short so I try and start them right on time.

If there is a lot of background noise in your home please mute your sound

Double click on my picture to fill the screen with my image which is important so you can see what I am doing.
Double click on my picture again when it is full screen to zoom in

Please don't be afraid to ask me questions.

Don't forget to un mute your sound to ask a question.

Let me know if I go to fast

Please stop me if you don't understand something

I am here to help you and one of the keys to learning is interaction

If you have something you want to draw email or call me and I will write it into the schedule as long as it is appropriate and we can do it in 30 Minutes.


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