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About Arts and Community

We have worked with numerous state wide and community organizations and groups, both public and private. While the majority of our work is with disadvantaged youth we provide free Art opportunities to people of all ages and groups across a wide array of Socioeconomic backgrounds.

We have had and have after school programs through GOALS at Oak View Elementary in Huntington Beach, Valdez Middle School in Placentia and at the ABC Neighborhood in Anaheim. Jack Knight has taken part in School Art events and spoken at a number of other schools

We have worked with both the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and the Girl Scouts and also the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA and a number of other Youth Organizations.

We have done many painting and Art Events and worked and partnered in this with a number of Organization that have included the Muzeo in Anaheim, Anaheim Beautiful, Parkinson's Foundation, The City of Anaheim, Anaheim Community Services, the City of Mission Viejo, the Anaheim Downtown Business Association, the City of Huntington Beach, Placentia, OC Human Relations, My Day Counts, Orange County Sheriffs Department, the Picerene Foundation and others too numerous mention.

We have done painting activities with a variety of mixed groups of kids and Seniors at numerous Senior Centers, including Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Orange, Tustin and San Clemente.

We have worked with and held classes for and art events for the Developmentally Disabled at various facilities and also with a number of day programs.

WE have held Art Events at the VA with youth groups. I am the art component of the Anaheim Fall Festival, the Christmas Brunch, the Anaheim Tree Lighting and the West Anaheim Neighborhood Development.

We have been involved in the Anaheim Art Crawl Experience for a number of years, not only showing Art and providing free painting opportunities for kids and adults but also providing free exhibition opportunities for other artists.

We have taken part in and done free art activities at the Segerstrom Center, Relay for Life, The Boys Republic, Heritage Festival, Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade, the Orange Street Fair, Arts Alive, Anaheim Childrens Art Festival to name but a few.

Every year we, with the help and participation of the young women of the Miss Anaheim Beautiful program, hold our Annual Egg Paint events at various venues which serves as a sort of spring Art Community gathering.

We run the Annual Pumpkin Art competition in conjunction with the Anaheim Fall Festival. This competition is open to young people up to the age of 17 living in the Orange County Area. It also involves me working with several Organizations dealing with marginalized children and visiting numerous facilities and helping them paint or draw. We have an awards ceremony at the Anaheim Fall Festival where I also have painting/art booth that usually has over 1500 people through out the day paint for free

We try and do at least two other similar projects each year and work it into the events I am involved in which usually includes the Anaheim Children’s Festival, the WAND Barbecue and the Arts Alive Festival.

We have a free painting booth at the Annual Anaheim Tree Lighting and the Annual Christmas Eve Brunch for the needier children in the area. Along with this I have held painting classes and provided art supplies for kids in homeless facilities and other facilities. We also do paint projects with various groups and organizations that can not attend the tree lighting nor the Christmas brunch

We helped bring the Urdu Writers Association to the Muzeo in Anaheim and took part in the Pakistani Independence Day Celebration in Grand Park In Los Angeles.

Through our involvement with the Anaheim DowntownBusiness Association and quthersl Experience when are working on bring in experienced artists as well as new lesser known Artists in to the Anaheim Art Scene. We are doing this also with other groups at other venues and events. We a try and include a music component at the majority of our functions as well as story tellers and other poets and assorted other arts types.


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